Grand Royale – Military Looks, Stealth Mode Engaged

The recent Squonk Radar exclusive launch of the Grand Royale Hadaly top caps was a smash hit to say the least. We saw both the Ballistic and the Hive variant shipping all over the world within hours of the first delivery arriving. The awesome news for all you heat hunters is that Grand Royale will be dropping a second stock delivery to us very soon. This will re-stock both Hadaly top caps, and also add their rather gorgeous ultra-low-profile polymer flow ring, the Daisy Cutter. The Daisy Cutter is again manufactured from matte black heat retardant polymer. Full images of this beast will surface very soon.

Grand Royale have some big plans over the coming months, with our man-in-the-know telling us they have planned releases for other atomisers very soon. We may also see this unique polymer finish in different colours in the future. Imagine the Ballistic top cap on your favourite RDA in a colour that matches the stab wood of your mod! Serious action guaranteed folks.

With so many wonderful atomisers on the market, there is no doubt that Grand Royale will be an accessory maker to watch closely over the coming months. Who knows, we may even see drip tips to match these cool military looking collectors pieces. Rest assured, as the guys finalise their next product offering, Squonk Radar will be first to offer them to the world.


Check out the awesome Hive Hadaly top cap here:

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