Killer Combo Required? – Radar Will Make It Happen

Custom Vibes Rule

Here at Radar HQ, we are fuelled heavily by the chase, which can sometimes be soul destroying at best. You all know that feeling when you drop on a new RDA and Mod, then quickly realise you saw a drip tip and flow ring that will complete your new set up in true style on a website somewhere far far away. Part of the Squonk Radar ethos is constantly providing our dedicated customers with killer combinations, easily available, with a wide range of options. This is something most of us have always wanted. The ability to grab a new RDA, then also snatch a cool drip tip, optional top cap and flow ring from the same place is now possible.

Whether you are looking to drop the dopest JMK delrin drip tip on a freshly built squonking atty, or delete that small gap between RDA and 510 on your latest mech squonker, we have an array of cool options that will bring you fast and easy customisation options, all with a few easy web store clicks.

Squonk Radar will be the place you go first, as we expand our range of growing stock items, meaning your next killer combo is simple to achieve and easy to obtain.

Check out our accessories section to dig straight into the customisation journey:

Grab the latest RDA heat now:

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