Squonk Bottle Mayhem – Options on deck

Get Your Squonk Bottle Game Locked

No matter what style of squonk mod you choose to run, the bottle is where it all starts. We are working hard to keep a range of squonk bottles in stock at all times, meaning you can rest assured when you need to grab some different options, Squonk Radar will have what you need.

From the wonderfully high-end 6ml capacity Lukkos Silk silicone bottle, to the classic Super-Soft 8.5ml, we have stock on the shelf and ready to ship now.

We have more bottle heat inbound over the coming weeks, so stay close to our accessories section to grab new options as they arrive.

Check out our squonk bottle options here now: https://squonkradar.com/collections/all-products/accessories/ 

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